**Urgent Homes Needed**



These beautiful cats are in urgent need of homes. They are living on an abandoned campsite near a very busy road where they have been reproducing uncontrollably leading to many kittens dying. 

When we approached the Mairie to find out who the owner of the campsite was and to ask if we can get permission to trap and sterilise the cats he explained that they will be trapping all the cats in the next couple of weeks to have them euthanised if we can’t find them homes. 

The kittens in the photos are approximately 3 months old. They will be identified, worm and flea treated. 

We can also provide a voucher for their neuter at the veterinary clinics we work with that gives a reduced rate.

**Added to site 28th October 2020*

For Adoption


These 3 beautiful 5 month old siblings are looking for a new home.

They were born to an outside cat which has been cared for, and fed by a kind man who wants the best for them.

They are friendly, loving and looking for a warm forever home where they can snuggle indoors before winter sets in. 

There are 2 boys and the tortoiseshell is a little girl.  

**Added to site 23rd November 2020**

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