This sweet little old lady cat is looking for someone who will share their sofa with her.

Rose has lived outdoors for the last few years but she’s definitely not feral. She turned up at a woman’s home and it’s very likely that she was abandoned when her owners didn’t want her anymore.

Rose is very friendly and despite living ourdoors on her own she loves to be cuddled.

Now Rose is older she would love to finish her life in the warmth of a home, with a comfy sofa to sleep on and humans who will cuddle and love her.

Rose is approximately 10 years old and she is identified, sterilised, worm and flea treated. Her health is good and she’s a really special old lady cat.

Please consider adopting Rose and fulfilling her dream of belonging to a family and being loved and cared for.

If you’re interested in adopting Rose please get in touch...

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We are looking for a forever home for  4 beautiful pure breed Birman cats.


They were rescued a few months ago from horrendous conditions.

We have finally got the go ahead from the court and we’re able to find them new loving forever homes.

They are all very affectionate cats who love to get fussed. They have only ever lived indoors so it would be nice to find them a home somewhere in the countryside where they can go outside safely if they choose to.

There are 3 males and 1 female:

Ninja 3 years old male

Nauroto 3 years old male

Lady 5 year old female

Jazz 7 year old male

If you’re interested in adopting one or two of those darlings please get in touch..

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This stunning 6 year old pure breed Bengal is looking for her new forever home.

She was rescued alongside several other animals from horrendous conditions.

We have finally got the go ahead from court and are now able to offer the cats for adoption.

Jay is a lovely cat and has only ever lived indoors. Ideally she will go to a home with someone who lives in the countryside with no roads close by.

Jay is used to living with dogs, is identified, sterilised, worm and flea treated.

If you’re interested in adopting Jay please get in touch.

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This beautiful 5 year old pure breed Chartreux boy is looking for his new forever home.

Manae is a lovely cat and very affectionate. He has only ever lived indoors and is used to dogs. And would like to be the only cat in house


Ideally he will go to a home with someone who lives in the countryside with no roads close by.

Manae is identified, castrated, worm and flea treated.

If you’re interested in adopting Manae please get in touch

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We are seeking foster / forever homes for two beautiful pure bred Chartreux cats. These gorgeous cats have had a rough time of late being rescued from unbearable conditions and desperately deserve a lap to recuperate on.

We are particularly interested in hearing from people that may be able to foster these cats with a view to adopt, to reduce the stress of moving them too much.

If you could offer a loving home, plenty of time and affection, please don’t hesitate to complete the online adoption application  via the button below and we will be in contact with suitable applicants.

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**Urgent Homes Needed**



These beautiful cats are in urgent need of homes. They are living on an abandoned campsite near a very busy road where they have been reproducing uncontrollably leading to many kittens dying. 

When we approached the Mairie to find out who the owner of the campsite was and to ask if we can get permission to trap and sterilise the cats he explained that they will be trapping all the cats in the next couple of weeks to have them euthanised if we can’t find them homes. 

The kittens in the photos are approximately 3 months old. They will be identified, worm and flea treated. 

We can also provide a voucher for their neuter at the veterinary clinics we work with that gives a reduced rate.

**Added to site 28th October 2020*


For Adoption


These 3 beautiful 5 month old siblings are looking for a new home.

They were born to an outside cat which has been cared for, and fed by a kind man who wants the best for them.

They are friendly, loving and looking for a warm forever home where they can snuggle indoors before winter sets in. 

There are 2 boys and the tortoiseshell is a little girl.  

**Added to site 23rd November 2020**