Dog Portrait


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Thank you for all the work you are doing, without organisations like yours they would not be in this world.


We love them so much, they have met our sheep, ducks and chickens and are already learning not to bark at them. And they are already helping to herd. They make it so easy...


​We cannot believe how lovely they are and how quickly they are bonding with us. What an absolute part of the family they are becoming.

 - Jill

He's so beautiful we are so happy to have him as a member if our family we all feel so lucky,I took him out for a walk today and our donkeys where calling him and he was calling back to them ,seems like they are all 1 happy family already.

     Take care and thank you so much 

- Joy



I found The Green Valley has always been very helpful if I ever have any concerns. It is really nice to know that if I have worries I can call on them and they will help where they can. I fostered a family of dogs for a while, it was very rewarding, we ended up adopting 2.   It was great to see the mum and other babies go to their new homes and I love seeing how they are growing up and comparing them on the Green Valley Family Facebook page. Thanks to Laura and the team for all your hard work. 

- Debbie


Wow! So I just revisited the Green Valley Brittany page where we found Cali and am amazed to see the before and after pics. Our handsome boy. What a transformation a stable home and lots of love can do for an old insecure abandoned boy. He’s loving life and we’re loving having him.

- Rachel

calimero after pic.jpg