Caring for your donkey

Donkeys are very sociable animals and make fantastic companions. In return, they need your time, love and attention. Your own life will be transformed too - the joy and fulfilment of living with donkeys is hard to beat.

Owning a donkey is a long-term commitment. Although the average age for donkeys in the UK is 27, they can live to over 40 years old, and will form bonds with you as strong as they do with other donkeys.

A donkey on its own will be a very lonely donkey as they are, essentially, herd animals. They can be good companions for horses, ponies and goats, but are generally happier with another donkey.

There are a few things that all Donkey Guardians should have before they can rehome a pair of donkeys.

  •   Approximately one acre of safe land for a pair of donkeys

  •   An area of hard standing to help protect your donkey’s feet

  •   Access to shelter or a stable at all times to protect your donkeys from the elements

  •   A constant supply of clean, fresh water.

  •   Sufficient good quality food and a salt block.

  •   Regular inspection and care of teeth.

  •   Regular treatment for parasites.

  •   Regular care and trimming of hooves. Always choose a farrier who has

    experience with donkeys as their hooves are different from horses.

  •   Robust fencing to stop your donkeys from escaping

  •   Time and commitment to allow your donkeys to become a big part of your life

  •   Provide for their daily needs, including food and bedding

  •   The means to cover routine health care, including dental, farriery and other veterinary costs, for your donkeys

  •   A big heart to give your donkeys all the love and attention they deserve.