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These two geldings, 16 & 23 years old, are looking for their new forever home.

Jazz is a double pony, (23) measures 150cm (au garrot) is very friendly, very pleasant to ride at all levels and was previously part of the horseball team.

Robert an ONCS bay, (16) measures 170cm (au garrot), is very friendly, has been ridden by children, teenagers and adults.

Both horses are extremely easy to handle and, as mentioned above, both are very rideable. They are both gelded and papered.

As Jazz and Robert have always have lived together they won’t be able to be separated.

If you’re interested in giving Jazz & Robert a home please get in touch...

**Added to site 18-04-2021**


A while back we rescued this lovely donkey named Monty from very sad conditions.


He was completely on his own on a tiny bit of land, hiding underneath a tree from the heavy rain that day.

His hooves were very over grown and he struggled to walk especially on the slippery muddy ground. It was heart-breaking to see.

After several visits from our farrier we managed to get his hooves back in shape.

Monty is 10 years old and has been castrated.

He is very sweet natured and easy to handle and is such a gentle boy. He prefers to live in a groupe with females.

If you’re interested in adopting Monty please get in touch...

**Added to site 12-04-2021**


Hermine is a 24 year old mare who’s looking for a new home. She is fully papered and measuring 167cm (au garrot).

She is very good natured and super easy to handle. Hermine has been ridden regularly a few years ago and is now retired. She is currently in a field with two other horses so it would be lovely for her to have equine company.

Hermine is also used to farrier, equine dentist and vet.

If you’re interested in adopting Hermine please

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These two cute dwarf rabbits are looking for their new forever home. They are 6 months old and both males.

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This 4 months old KuneKune pig is looking for a new forever home.

Cookie is very friendly and likes to play.

He can be delivered within Brittany.

If you’re interested in adopting Cookie, please get in touch.

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Sex: Males

Age: 8 and 11 years

These gorgeous boys were destined to go to the slaughterhouse where the most horrendous death would have awaited them. Luckily we managed to save them just in time. 

We would love to find them a wonderful home together where they can live happy ever after. 

They are very friendly,

papered, gelded, vaccinated and worm treated. 


They have had their hooves regularly trimmed and equine dentiste check ups. 

**Added to site 12th October 2020**



Sex: Females

Age: 19 and 16 years

These two ex-riding school horses are looking for their new forever homes. 

The Irish pony is 19 years old, 1m35 and in good health. She has been ridden regularly until a couple of years ago and she can still go on light hacks. 

The 16 year old thoroughbred is also in good health and has been ridden until recently. She can do basic dressage. 

They are very sweet friendly horses, easy to handle, good with the farrier and vet.

They are fully papered and dewormed. 
They come with saddles etc. 

**Added to site 16th November 2020**



Sex: Female

Age: 3 years

Minnie and Manga are looking for their new forever home. 
They are NOT for meat.
Minnie, the Berkshire, is the more confident of the two pigs. And Manga, the swallow- bellied Mangalitsa, can be a bit skittish as she doesn’t have good eyesight.

They are both tame and not at all aggressive.


They do need to be adopted together.

**Added to site 9th September 2020**