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For adoption

Sex: males

Age: 8 and 11 years old

These gorgeous boys were destined to go to the slaughterhouse where the most horrendous death would have awaited them, luckily we managed to save them just in time. 

We would love to find them a wonderful home together where they can live happily ever after. 

They are both papered, gelded, vaccinated and worm treated.

**Added to site 8th June 2020**



For adoption

Sex: male

Age: 10 years old

Last year we rescued this lovely donkey from very sad conditions, he was completely alone on a tiny bit of land and hiding underneath a tree from the heavy rain that day.

His hooves were very overgrown and he struggled to walk especially on the slippery muddy ground- it was heart-breaking to see.
After several visits from our farrier we managed to get his hooves back in shape.

Monty has been castrated and he is due another equine dentist visit which will be done before he's adopted.

He is very sweet-natured, easy to handle, and is such a gentle boy. He currently lives with 3 little horses but would love some donkey company.

**Added to site 11th June 2020**


mini Pigs

For adoption

Sex: male and female


These two pure breed Göttingen Pigs are looking for their forever home.

The bigger pig is a female approximately 2 years old, and the little one is a castrated male around 6 months old.
Both are very friendly and the female even flops on her back for cuddles. 

They are very close and need to stay together.

Please kindly note the pigs are not for breeding or consumption purposes.

**Added to site 15th June 2020**




For adoption

Sex: Males

Age: 17 and 19 years old


These little boys are looking for their new forever homes.
They are both very sweet little ponies but can be a bit shy to begin with.

**Added to site 30th June 2020**

Foster home needed

Sex: Males and Females

These little cutie pies are in need of a new foster home and will be up for adoption soon.

1 KuneKune mummy with her 3 babies and 2 very friendly Vietnamese potbellied pigs.


They have all been very well handled and are really friendly.


The potbellied boys unfortunately can’t be castrated so they can’t be with any females.

**Added to site 15th July 2020**


For adoption


Sex: Male and Female

Age: 13 years

These two well-handled donkeys are looking for a new home.

Unfortunately their owner has to return back to the UK and is unable to take them along. 
The donkeys are very close and would be lost without each other which is why we are looking for a home where they can stay together.

They are very sociable and will make fantastic companions.
The donkeys are fully papered and their vaccinations are up to date. One female, one male (gelded). 

**Added to site 9th September 2020**


minnie and manga

For adoption

Sex: Female

Age: 3 years

Minnie and Manga are looking for their new forever home. 
They are NOT for meat.
Minnie, the Berkshire, is the more confident of the two pigs. And Manga, the swallow- bellied Mangalitsa, can be a bit skittish as she doesn’t have good eyesight.

They are both tame and not at all aggressive.


They do need to be adopted together.

**Added to site 9th September 2020**

**Urgent Adoption**

Sex: Female


These two girls are in urgent need of a home after the passing away of their owner. 

The pony is 30 years old and the donkey 20 years old.


They are both very friendly, easy to handle and are used to children and dogs. 

They are both in good health but The Green Valley will help with the veterinary costs in case any occur. 

**Added to site 22nd September 2020**

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