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Become a sponsor

Sponsoring an animal in long-term foster care is a great way to support animals in need.


Whilst some animals find their forever home quickly, others may have long-term health problems or simply not find a home – meaning that they remain in our care. Sponsoring is a great way to support a specific animal.


When you sponsor an animal, you become part of The Green Valley Brittany family and have the satisfaction of helping animals with special needs. The costs for daily care and maintenance (including food, veterinary care, shelter, grooming, hoof-trimming etc.) consume a large part of our annual budget. We hope you’ll find an animal who will capture your heart. Your sponsorship of an animal will go directly to the support of that animal and will help in ways that cannot be measured.

On behalf of our animal rescue organisation, and all the animals in need, thank you for your support!

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